Automatic Water Pump For Bottle USB Charging - Dagres
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Automatic Water Pump For Bottle USB Charging

With the rechargeable pump for water tanks you can enjoy water directly from the large 10L water tanks It has a built-in battery that recharges without having to spend money on batteries Charges with the usb cable included in the package (must be placed in a usb charging socket) and charges fully within 2-3 hours. This pump is small in size and you place it on the top of the container. You can drink water in seconds by pressing the button at the top. Its installation is simple. Put the tube contained in the package at the bottom of the pump and place it in the container. Place the pump on the top of the bottle and with the push of a button you are ready to say water to your glass! With a full charge of 2 hours you can use up to 5 large 10L water tanks.