About Us - Dagres
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About Us

Our Company

At DAGRES we specialize in bottled water distribution, as well as the trade of water filters and specialty wines and beverages. Through our two outlets in Athens and Kranidi, we are the only company in Greece that can swiftly attend to your needs, performing repairs and maintenance on water dispensers of every kind.

Through our collaboration with Nera Kritis SA, we’ve been distributing bottled water since 2006 across the entire Argolis prefecture, covering the needs of the most demanding of customers. Join our service network and request our quote for a water dispenser, so that you may instantly enjoy fresh warm or cold water at home or at the office.

Our Philosophy

For us, our customers and their needs always come first. Attention to detail and high quality services are our immediate priorities.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible outcome and range of options, with safety and comfort. Our professionalism and our technical know-how guarantee a perfect solution for all your needs.

Our goal is to offer high quality products in the most competitive prices in the market.

Request our quote today and discover for yourself the many reasons why our customers trust our services.

Send us a message and we will answer ASAP