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Water filters

Veluda filters remove dirt, sediment, rust, stones, and other particles such as chlorine or insecticides from tap water. They occupy very little space, they are durable and adaptapt very easily to all taps.

Water filtration systems are available for placement, either above or below the kitchen counter.

With regard to the filtering device, they are available in two, three or more stages.



This is a central flow filter, which is designed to be placed in the central tube.

We can put any cartridge – filter the market and respectively filter our water.


• Hourly flow rate 2 m³ / hr

• Input-Output 1/2 inch

• Blue lid – transparent jar or blue lid – blue jar

• It is accompanied by a support and a clamping key

• Maximum operating pressure 4 – 6 bar

• Maximum temperature of 50 ° C


Polyphosphate filters contain a mixture of polymeric metaphosphate compounds.

As the water passes through the filter, the crystals dissolve slowly into it, giving it new properties. Polyphosphate crystals act as dispersants in water. This means that they prevent flocculation, that is, the agglomeration of suspended particles in the water in such quantities as to allow their precipitation due to gravity.

They have a protective effect against the formation of calcium and magnesium deposits (hardness), in erosion as well as in the problems associated with the presence of iron. More specifically, ions constituting hardness (calcium and magnesium) are maintained independently (not agglomerated) and their precipitation is no longer possible. This prevents known problems related to water hardness (salt formation in piping, washing resistors, etc.). Polyphosphate filters are effective in low flow applications and for the treatment of small volumes of water



PulFil is a central supply filter with stainless steel mesh made entirely of high quality synthetic material suitable for food and drinking water.

It is also ideal for watering waters.

As it is made of high quality materials, it does not leak and effectively protects against stones, rust, sediment, soil and mud.

It has a self-cleaning system, which relieves us of any personal contact with the filter, so we save time, effort and money in relation to the common central delivery filters that require exactly the opposite.

Its cleaning is accomplished by a simple movement of a rotary knob, where special brushes rotate simultaneously and remove the particles from the stainless filtering screen. Then they pass to the discharge valve, where they are then discharged from the filter.

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